Amazon Launches Initiative to Bundle Virtual Assistants on Single Device has launched an initiative that would allow users to access its Alexa, Microsoft Corp’s Cortana, and multiple other voice-controlled virtual assistant services from a single device. The move comes as competition has intensified among global technology companies to dominate the market for voice assistants, which are commonly housed in smart speakers and mobile devices. The notable exclusionsRead More

Joker Director Todd Phillips on Convincing Joaquin Phoenix, Warner Bros. for His Character Study of DC Comics Villain

Photo Credit: Niko Tavernise/Warner Bros. Joaquin Phoenix in Joker HIGHLIGHTS Joker movie release date in India is October 4 Took Phillips one year to convince Warner Bros. Phoenix uninterested in comparisons with other actors Joker director Todd Phillips had a tough time selling his mature take on the iconic DC Comics villain to Warner Bros., spendingRead More