Nasa, Israel Ink Space Cooperation Agreement

Nasa and the Israel Space Agency signed an agreement Tuesday to expand cooperation in civil space activities, the Israeli government said. The deal was signed by Nasa administrator Charles Bolden and ISA director Menachem Kidron on the sidelines of the International Astronautical Congress in Jerusalem. Bolden said the agreement would enable the US space agencyRead More

Martian Pebbles Travelled 50 Kilometres Down a Riverbed

While the world celebrates the signs of flowing water on Mars, researchers estimate that the Martian pebbles travelled roughly 50 km from their source, supporting the idea that Mars once had an extensive river system and conditions that could harbour life. Douglas Jerolmack, geophysicist at University of Pennsylvania, and his collaborator Gabor Domokos have devisedRead More

Scott Kelly Becomes Longest-Serving US Astronaut in Space

US astronaut Scott Kelly, commander of the current Expedition 45 crew on the International Space Station (ISS), has become the longest-living US astronaut on the orbiting laboratory. On October 16, Kelly began his 383rd day living in space, surpassing US astronaut Mike Fincke’s record of 382 cumulative days. The feat has come just before theRead More

Nasa’s Space Launch System Clears Critical Design

For the first time in almost 40 years, Nasa has completed all steps needed to clear a critical design review (CDR) for the most powerful rocket ever built that will take humans to deeper space missions, including Mars. The agency’s Space Launch System (SLS) is the first vehicle designed to meet the challenges of theRead More

Drones to Help Create Self-Repairing Cities of the Future

An army of drones could soon keep a watchful eye over streets in the UK, repairing things like potholes and busted street lamps, scientists say. Researchers from the University of Leeds in UK are leading a pioneering GBP 4.2 million national infrastructure research project with the vision of creating self-repairing cities. The project could soonRead More

Jupiter Bumped a Gas Giant From Our Solar System

A close encounter with Jupiter about four billion years ago may have resulted in another planet’s ejection from the solar system altogether, scientists have found. The existence of a fifth giant gas planet at the time of the solar system’s formation – in addition to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune that we know of todayRead More