Popular ways to move hay

Anyone who has owned livestock has had to conquer the task of moving heavy bales of hay. Luckily, there are some tools that help make it a little bit easier.

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Tractor Equipment

There is equipment like the bale spear tractor supply, which makes moving hay so much easier. These attachments for your tractor stab the bales of hay and lift them to help you move them to their next location. Large round hay bales have to be moved this way because they are so heavy, but even the typical rectangular bales are much easier to move using this equipment.

Hay Hooks

Hay hooks can be a convenient way to move rectangular hay bales. Sticking a hay hooks into the bale allows you to get leverage to lift the bale either by yourself or with a partner.

Other Methods

Some people are able to lift a bale by themselves. They tend to get creative, especially if none of the previously mentioned equipment is available to them. Some people are able to grab the twine and lift the bale onto their back. However, this method can be a real strain on your back and other muscles, especially if you have to move a large load of hay. If you have a hand truck, you could try maneuvering the bales onto the hand truck and wheeling them one at a time to their new location.

Moving hay is no easy task. Be sure to lift with your legs by bending at the knees and lowering to a squatting position. Never lift with your back by bending forward and lifting up while hovering over the object. Be sure that you do not twist your body while holding any heavy objects. Always try to work with a partner when moving heavy bales of hay. Whichever way you decide to do it, make sure that you are using proper safety precautions.


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