All About Industrial Mixers

When people use the term industrial mixer, they are talking about a machine that is little more than a giant blender. They are used in the factory or industrial settings to mix up or blend such things as the ingredients which go into cosmetics, foodstuffs, or even pharmaceuticals. They can also be found in other settings such as water treatment facilities or large construction sites.

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While there are many different types of an industrial mixer, the most popular by far is the agitator mixer. The agitator mixer is primarily used in facilities which work with liquids and they are so popular because they are readily available, are easy to move around and are very economical. Some mixers have paddles in them and some have ribbon-shaped devices to do the mixing. These are called, for obvious reasons, paddle mixers and ribbon mixers, respectively.

There are, of course, some factors to consider when purchasing an industrial mixer. The most obvious is what the mixer will be used for. While some businesses are interested in purchasing used mixers, this is really only ideal if the mixer will not be used all that often. If the mixer be used daily or multiple times a day, it is far more cost-effective in the end to purchase a brand-new mixer. This is because the chance of malfunction or total breakdown will be greatly lessened if the mixer is new and not used.

One other factor to consider before purchase is how easy it is to operate the mixer. If a mixer is too difficult or dangerous to operate in a safe manner, it should never enter the workplace. In addition to this, only employees who are trained to use the mixer should be allowed to actually operate it. No purchase is worth the life of another.


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