Buying Considerations for a Fire Hydrant Hose Nozzle

If you want to put out fires quickly and efficiently before flames begin to grow, you’ll need to conduct a standard or automated fire flow test. Testing is important as it can help you find problems that can impact equipment performance during time-sensitive extinguishing situations. Because the water flow test results are influenced by the condition of your firefighting equipment, you may need to invest in proper tools and accessories to prepare for the tests. If you need help selecting a good nozzle, this guide can help.

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Flow Options

Flow control is a main nozzle function. In order to extinguish a fire while maintaining control of a hose, you must pick a nozzle that has practical flow control. Most nozzle manufacturers may not list this design spec on the packaging labels, so you’ll have to pay attention to the size of each nozzle. The size of the outlet on a nozzle controls the flow. As a result, if you buy a nozzle that has a very large outlet, you’ll have better control of the water as while extinguishing fire.


In order to put out fires safely from a distance, you must use a nozzle that has a great reach. A nozzle’s reach is determined by its velocity. If you buy a nozzle with high-velocity hardware, water will shoot of its pressure mechanism a great distance with ease.

Water Flow Shape

Because fires can rise and drop while burning on level and uneven surfaces, the process of extinguishing a blaze using a generic hose nozzle can be somewhat challenging. This is why nozzle manufacturers design nozzles with different settings. A practical nozzle will have a setting for a straight stream of water and an option for fog spray that blasts water at a wide angle.

If you buy a proper hose nozzle, you’ll conduct flow tests more efficiently. You can purchase a nozzle for a commercial hose at a local hardware store.


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