Do You Want a Car Wash in Your Gas Station?

If you have decided that you want to open a new gas station with a car wash, the first thing you must take into consideration is whether you want it to be fully automated or self-service. Both have their advantages, but each one has concerns vastly different from the other, and there are several more types of automated washes than most people realize. Of course, that decision is only the first of many things you have to consider when thinking about car wash and gas station construction. Here is some more information about car washes that you might not have considered:

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Automatic Car Washes

One type of car wash is the exterior conveyor wash, in which the outside of the car is cleaned as you stay inside the vehicle as it is pulled along a conveyor belt. Among the most common form of wash is the in-bay automatic car wash, which is similar to the exterior conveyor wash except the former has the option of you choosing exactly which style of wash you want. Obviously, the most luxurious car wash is the full-service car wash. This gives you the option of having the car wash staff vacuum the inside of the car, thereby providing every form of car cleaning there is.


Self-Service Car Washes

Perhaps the most personal of the car washes, the self-service facility is for those that truly loving maintaining and caring for their personal vehicle. With a wide-ranging selection of soaps and waxes for the user to choose from, it ensures that the washer gets to not only choose everything that goes into cleaning their car, it also allows the washer to apply those elements in the exact way they desire. Coin-operated vacuums are also usually offered. All that being said, ensure that you hire the best possible team to design, engineer, and maintain your new gas station and car wash.


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